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Ohio State Buckeyes

“You can see a certain player has 13 carries and two passes and four dumps and when she does that, of that number, the team gets 11 shots on net. ICEBERG also tells us when we get a successful entry, we have average attack in zone of 15 seconds, possessing for six of that. Six seconds of offensive zone time — that’s quite a bit.” 


Detroit Honeybaked

 “The team utilized ICEBERG once a week in video review sessions with our players. The coaching staff used the platform to allow individual players to watch their own shifts after games in order to reinforce teaching points. From an analytics standpoint we used Iceberg to analyze the trends of our players and evaluate them against each other in the different aspects of the game.”


Michigan State Spartans

“I think good coaches are constantly learning and if you have a technology as powerful as ICEBERG and it doesn't change the way you look at things I think you're missing more than half the battle. You want to know, as a coach, if you were right or if you were wrong and how to correct it.”

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Thunder Bay Kings

“Perhaps the most rewarding was the change in player engagement when we started sharing and posting analytical data in the dressing room. All of a sudden, they were wanting to know how many giveaways they had, how many shot attempts for and against when they were on the ice.”