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Team USA group stage analysis
JANUARY 2, 2019

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It's time to share with you our #WorldJuniors group stage analysis. Let's start with Team USA thread. The Americans show a solid game and are looking for their third gold medal in past six years.

Total summary vs. opponents in the key aspects of the game:


Passes into the Danger zone is the most efficient way in hockey to score a goal. Let's compare the Team USA with their opponents in four games played in group B.


Individual Player Statistics

Quinn Huges Vancouver Canucks is definitely one of the best D-men at the #WorldJuniors right now. He plays a very versatile game and helps his teammates a lot in the offensive zone. Also look at Team USA possession percentage while Q. Hughes is on the ice.


Q. Hughes and D. Anderson LA Kings have spent 64% of their icetime in the offensive zone. While on the ice together, USA gets 71% of all shot attempts – generating 2.6 xG for vs 0.6 xG against.


Jason Robertson Dallas Stars is one of the most dangerous players on the USA's roster. His 10 (team highest) successful passes into the danger zone have generated 7 shots on goal and 2 goals.


Here are the top five players in Team USA by passes into the danger zone:


The line of Madden Vancouver Canucks/Barratt Chicago Blackhawks/Cates Philadelphia Flyers has played together the most (38:28 TOI 5v5) and together this line holds 83% xG advantage, generating 4.5 xG for vs 0.9 xG against.


And of course, Jack Hughes, top projected 2019 #NHLDraft pick. He has only played in 1 game, but his 5 shot attempts resulted in 4 scoring chances. He leads USA in xG per 20 minutes TOI, but his 1 game sample size is small compared to his teammates.


Oliver Wahlstrom New York Rangers is generating 11 shots per 20 minutes TOI, resulting in 1.05 xG per 20 minutes he is on the ice. He has 1 goal at 5v5 so far. (below, we see Wahlstrom is leading the USA forwards in shot attempts per 20, and he is also above average in the number of OZ puck possessions he had). We can compare him to Robertson - who has an equal number of OZ puck possessions - but Wahlstrom generates far more shot attempts.


Ryan Poelling Canadiens de Montréal shows huge efficiency in front of the opposing net, scoring 4 of his 5 goals from the net-front area. He is currently leading #WorldJuniors goal scorer.


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