Sales Operations Manager


ICEBERG is an IT company specializing in the field of data analytics, providing enhanced sports analytics and high-end deliverables to a wide array of clients.

We are looking for a person who would build a highly efficient sales management system in order to scale our business in amateur leagues with the light version of the product and obtain a few more teams from NHL
In addition, we expect this person to build a network of commission based sales agent team. This team expected to have 16 members and located primarily in Canada and Midwest and Northeast USA.


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● Structured thinker, Self-Disciplined, Self-Organized, Responsible and Proactive.
● A real do-er who is result oriented and able to organize and manage people,
processes and systems, in particular, CRM, pipeline management systems, budgets,
sales forecasts, regular meetings, and reporting
● Straight-to-the-point: This person can get right down to business, pay attention to the
details and avoid inefficient or unnecessary activities.


● Good communicator: Able to communicate with others and good with
cross-departmental communication (with Finance, Support, Development, etc.)
● Passionate about Hockey, Sports, ​and​ technology: this person should be excited to
join a growing team in the process of building a world-class sports technology
● Creative: thinks outside of the box and can utilize resources in the most efficient way

If you are full of energy and ready to prove that you belong with us - make sure you meet our expectations from the list above and apply now!