Ideal Users: Coaching Staff, Scouting Staff, Management, Team Analytics Departments, Agents, Media Members

Ideal Level: Major Junior, College and Professional

ICEBERG Sports Analytics Professional product is the leading player tracking and hockey analytics product on the market.

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Complete with a 3 camera system, our Professional product uses artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to automatically track players and puck coordinates at 10x per second, collecting over 1 million data points in a single game. These data points are used to build extensive data sets that can provide deep objective insights on all players on the ice. The Professional platform provides a complete view of individual and team play with and without the puck and allows teams to track biometric data such as speed, distance travelled, pace and acceleration. 

Our Pro product is revolutionizing how coaches manage their bench, plan and prepare for opponents and how management evaluate their roster. Through our platform Major Junior, College and Professional coaches can can easily review game analytics, statistics and video on their players and team. They can also optimize their line-ups and identify favorable matchups for their team.

ICEBERG’s Professional platform is a completely customizable system and clients have access to our experienced hockey analytics department who work with teams to customize their needs. With ICEBERG you’re entering a winning partnership with an organization dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of our platform. Our system was developed in conjunction with our team of coaches who have over 100 years of coaching experience at the youth, junior and collegiate levels, including first-hand experience implementing our platform in their own organizations.

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Our fast and reliable, user-friendly portal is easy to navigate and filter by different metrics and events

Features / Metrics: Table Builder, Summary Page, Shifts Page, Shot Categories  Page, Special Teams Page, Transitions Page, Goalie Page, Player Comparison Tool and Individual Player Page, Matchup Tool, Faceoff Tool and Lineup Optimization Tool.