Ideal Users: Coaching Staff, Management, Media Members

Ideal Level: Major Bantam (U14) to Major Midget (U18) - (AAA, AA), Junior A, B, C, Major Junior

ICEBERG Sports Analytics Premium + product is exactly that - our Premium product plus additional features designed specifically for elite minor hockey organizations.

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Our Premium + product uses artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to automatically track events, building extensive data sets that provide deep objective insights and enhance efficiencies at coaching and managerial levels by allowing teams to eliminate mundane tasks and allocate more time to things that really matter - analyzing team play, gametrends, and individual player-performance. Developing a team identity and effective roster combinations requires a complex make up of hockey IQ, skill, speed, toughness and depth. Through our software teams can identify strengths and weaknesses, understand the makeup of their team DNA and build their strategy accordingly. 

Our Premium + product is revolutionizing coaching, player development and player advancement. Through our platform elite level coaches can easily review game analytics, statistics and video, and quickly build video clip playlists to share with the team or individual players in film sessions. They can also optimize their line-ups and identify favorable matchups for their team. Furthermore, the visual aspects of our platform will allow coaches to highlight individual players strengths and weaknesses in an effort to help them strengthen specific aspects of their game. Through our in-depth analytics and corresponding video, coaches can quantify and illustrate aspects of the game that have historically been viewed as personal opinions. Aspects such as; Vision (how players see the ice and what to look for in certain situations), Decision Making Ability (think fast/trust your instincts/trust the numbers) and Compete Level (willingness to go to the dirty areas on the ice).

Our fast and reliable, user-friendly portal is easy to navigate and filter by different metrics and events.

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Features / Metrics:

Table Builder, Summary Page, Shifts Page, Shot Categories  Page, Special Teams Page, Transitions Page, Goalie Page, Player Comparison Tool and Individual Player Page, Matchup Tool, Faceoff Tool and Lineup Optimization Tool.