Ideal Users: Coaching Staff 

Ideal Level: Minor Novice (U8) to Minor Bantam (U13) - (AAA / AA / A)

ICEBERG Sports Analytics Premium product is revolutionizing coaching, player analysis and player development at the youth hockey level.

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Our Premium product uses artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to automatically track events, building extensive data sets that provide objective and accurate insights that enhance efficiencies for youth coaches. We understand that youth coaches have many responsibilities outside of hockey - full-time jobs and families - and they don’t have hours to spend cutting individual game film, tracking statistics and putting together game summaries. ICEBERG’s software automatically breaks down game film around every metric collected, saving coaches extensive amounts of time and allowing them to allocate more time to analyzing team play, gametrends, and individual player-performance. 

Our Premium product is altering the coaching landscape and player development. Through our platform coaches can easily review game analytics, statistics and video, and quickly build video clip playlists to share with the team or individual players in film sessions. This process takes a matter of minutes and can be completed for one game, multiple games, or the entire season.Our fast and reliable, user-friendly portal is easy to navigate and filter by different metrics and events. 

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shift length

Features / Metrics:

Table Builder, Summary Page, Shifts Page, Transitions Page, Goalie Page and Individual Player Page.