Ideal Users: Coaching Staff, Management, Media Members

Ideal Level: Elite Level Minor Hockey, Junior, Major Junior, College and Professional

ICEBERG Sports Analytics Pre-Scout Technology System is set to revolutionize how teams and coaches prepare for games by providing them with detailed insights and advanced scouting reports on their upcoming opponents.

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Our Pre-Scout Technology System will help coaches increase efficiency when preparing for upcoming games by automatically collecting highly relevant statistics and analytics including; goals, assists, shots and shot attempts, shifts breakdown by player, hits, face-offs, and special teams play - power play and penalty kill. This list of statistics and metrics comes with corresponding video breakdown centered around coaches key points of preparation including; special teams formations, face-off formations and strategy, breakouts, forechecks, how and where their opponent generates shots from as well as advanced scouting reports on the opposition’s goaltender. The time-saving this product generates will allow teams to realign and focus additional resources on other areas of preparation in advance of their games. 

In hockey’s increasingly competitive environment, access to relevant and accurate information on the opposition is crucial in order to strategize effectively and afford your team the best opportunity to win. ICEBERG’s Pre-Scout Technology System will allow teams to do just that. 

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