Director of Marketing

ICEBERG is an IT company specializing in the field of data analytics, providing enhanced sports analytics and high-end deliverables to a wide array of clients.

We are looking for a Director of Marketing, who will be responsible for lead generation and generating inquiries to accelerate the sales process and qualify leads without the help of the sales teams initial outreach. This person will collaborate on a day to day basis with the VP of Global Sales.


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  • A very deep understanding of hockey and analytics 

  • A very deep understanding of hockey and the hockey community 

  • Ability to learn quickly 

  • Managing a small team (one remote Marketing manager and one remote graphic designer) 

  • Managing the Website 

  • Managing Search Engine Optimization

  • Managing use of Advertising 

  • Managing use of our CRM database - initial outreach materials should be consistently enhanced to provide a better “first touch” and draw the database into the sales funnel

  • Arranging events / Arranging the attending of the events that are going to drive sales

  • Enhance the perception of the ICEBERG brand

  • Reduce product confusion

  • Manage part of the Sales teams “toolbox” related to the creation and maintaining of the proper sales materials

  • Manage the competition documents and keep a good grasp on what they are doing

  • Understand the market and market opportunities

  • Preferably located in Canada

If you are full of energy and ready to prove that you belong with us - make sure you meet our expectations from the list above and apply now!