Client Success Manager

ICEBERG is an IT company specializing in the field of data analytics, providing enhanced sports analytics and high-end deliverables to a wide array of clients.

We are looking for an excellent communicator who is client-oriented with strong social skills, structured thinking and who is an efficient problem solver to manage our rapidly growing base of clientele. 

Main objectives: Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, engagement and usage of the ICEBERG product suite for the purpose of therefore increasing our retention rates and allow for an easier process in resigning, extending and upselling each client. Increasing our overall value for clients. The Client Success team will be directly involved in the upselling of some accounts.


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This person should possess the following traits:

  • Structured thinker, Self-Disciplined, Self-Organized, Responsible and Proactive.

  • Quick learner: Able to quickly understand an advanced product and new advanced features as they are released, dissect them and re-communicate them to the masse in a way that is understood.

  • Ability to train people and educate them, a teacher.

  • Strong character: Motivated to help our clients, mitigate conflict and be client-oriented while at the same time communicating with the sensible approach that there are solutions to solve every problem through communication rather than giving.

  • Strong understanding of hockey, analytics, data, and player development.

  • Excellent written and verbal language: Organized written communication and the ability to build materials that are compelling, engaging, thought-provoking, creative and that draw our users to give feedback, inquire and ask questions. These documents should also periodically give answers to the potential problems and questions of clients ahead of time. These materials will include:

  • Regular surveys which provoke answers that give our product team true insights

  • Regular newsletters that have a personal feel/touch but also allow the Client Success team to maintain a more consistent touch with each Client

  • Monthly to Semi-annual one-on-one calls with clientele (based on their account standing)

  • The following documents which will require consistent updating:

  • Training and educational materials to provide the client with a full knowledge base

  • Onboarding documents for each client case (for example, users of different products)

  • Materials for the Client Service (24/7 support) team to send to the client through the online help desk based on a list of questions asked.

  • FAQ sheets

  • Confidence and compassion: An even blend of both is ideal.



It is expected that the client success team will have the highest level of detailed understanding and knowledge about the ICEBERG product suite. The Client Success team will also manage the Client “Pipeline” showing what stage each client is at with the final stage being sincere loyalty and full usage of the ICEBERG product suite.

If you are full of energy and ready to prove that you belong with us - make sure you meet our expectations from the list above and apply now!