ICEBERG was founded in 2015 by Vlad and Alex Martynov in Toronto, Canada.

Iceberg Sports Analytics was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2015 by Vlad Martynov and his son Alex Martynov. Like many parents and kids, their father-son bond was strengthened through their mutual love of hockey. From outings at the rink, to trips to the Hockey Hall of Fame, to late nights watching Hockey Night in Canada, hockey formed the basis of a lot of great memories. So, when the opportunity arose to work together in hockey, it was too special to pass up.


Vlad is a global technology entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in software and digital technology as a co-founder, angel investor, executive. Early in his career he co-founded Columbus IT, a global IT and consulting services corporation that went on to become the largest international system integrator of Microsoft business solutions. Through this venture he would go on to hold senior executive positions with Microsoft HQ as a Vice President responsible for Global ISV strategy and SAP as a Regional Managing Director.


More recently Vlad has been a fixture in the emerging Toronto tech scene as he has co-founded and invested in; BlockGeeks - a Toronto based online education platform for professionals in the blockchain industry (www.blockgeeks.com), Wild Apricot - a Toronto based cloud membership management software (www.wildapricot.com), and YotaDevices - the world’s first dual screen smartphone.


At only 21 years of age Alex has already had quite an impact in sports technology and analytics. During his time at York University, while studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration - Specialized Honours in Management Science, he worked for Sportsradar. Here he manually tracked hockey games in the stands for $50 and a hot dog. After graduating from York he would go on to work in the banking industry where he gained an understanding of the power and capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning and began to draw parallels with how it could be applied to sports, specifically hockey. He began some research and discovered there were 3 main ways to track hockey; manual (like with Sportsradar), wearables and optical. Optical in combination with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data proved to be the most efficient, accurate and scalable option and the idea for Iceberg was born.


Through discussions with his father they decided that they could package artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning to disrupt the market and bring objectivity to the game of hockey and the key decisions that surround it. Since hockey is such a fast-paced, free flowing game, sometimes what appears to be happening on the surface is only the tip of the Iceberg and it is necessary to take a deeper look to fully understand what is happening and gain a competitive edge.