Average percentage of all successful passes by all zones

A few facts about Canada's big win
against Denmark on day 1
DECEMBER 27, 2018

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Huge four goal game by Anaheim Ducks prospect Maxime Comtois. Along with Barret Hayton, he is a Team Canada leader by xG (expected goals).


The probability that the player's shot will be a goal; provided the characteristics of the shot (the distance to the goal, the angle of impact etc.), as well as the position of the player shooting, his team, and the opponent.


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Morgan Frost (Philadelphia Flyers) scored a hat trick and has been Canada's most efficient player in passing accuracy.


Amount of time that the player has the puck on his stick and / or maintains possession while in typical game-play scenarios.

Ty Smith (New Jersey Devils) generated the highest ice time in both teams and has been the best according to possession time with 2:17 with the puck. Dobson (New York Islanders) -Smith defensive pair collected 30 interceptions, 15 each!