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3 things to know before Russia-Canada NYE showdown
JANUARY 1, 2019

We have composed several main facts for today's New Year’s Eve classic Russia-Canada showdown, focusing on actions in dangerous zones, giveaways, scoring chances and goalkeeping. In our opinion, these aspects will become decisive today:

1) Danger zone stats of Russia–Canada are based on 3 games played. As we can see, Canadians make more passes to the danger zone and are more successful at converting passes to shots on goal, of which they scored 4 goals more than the Russians. Note the team leaders.


Photo: IIHF


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2) Russians more often allow opponents to create scoring chances in dangerous zones at their net. However, they are equal with Canada in the number of shots and goals against


Photo: IIHF

3) In terms of the number of giveaways that led to the shot attempts or to the scoring chances, the Russians look more cautious than the Canadians. But Canada is much more effective in using the giveaways of opponents.

Photo: IIHF

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